Carson City Residential Deer Herd

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Mule deer are found throughout Nevada in many types of habitats, including neighborhoods and backyards. The mule deer gets its name from the size of its mule-like ears. Mule deer are very popular game animals in Nevada. The breeding season, called “rut,” typically occurs in November. Female deer, called does, typically give birth to one or two offspring in late spring or early summer. Only the males, or bucks, have antlers. They are shed every year. Mule deer migrate annually from high mountain habitats where they summer, to lower elevations in the winter, to avoid deep snow and to find food. Mule deer are the primary food source for cougars.  As such, cougars follow deer during their annual migrations. They can be seen throughout the year and are mainly active at dusk and dawn. In winter, they may be active throughout the day. They are surprisingly powerful and quick animals.

Mule deer are among the most watchable Nevada wildlife, and can generally be seen throughout the state during all seasons of the year. They have become year-round residents in Carson City, Genoa, Verdi and Lamoille. Remember: always observe deer from a safe distance. Deer are here to stay, learn to respect them, give them space and be aware they have predators so they can behave aggressively. 

It is against the law to feed big game mammals (NRS 501.382).

If you have an encounter with aggressive wildlife, please alert the Sheriff’s office near you or call the Nevada Department of Wildlife.  

Carson City Sheriff (775) 887-2677

Nevada Department of Wildlife (775) 688-1506

Carson City has a residential deer herd that lives in town year-round. These deer will regularly feed on many plants used in the residential landscape. For a complete list of deer-resistant plants click HERE.

For more details visit the Nevada Department of Wildlife.